Trenzle Top 10 Trending Free and Bargain Book Deals for August 30, 2023

Gentle Scars

Willow Winters

There was never a question of whether or not I would be his. It’s simply what fate demanded. There’s a knowing when the werewolves find their mates. It’s an aching need, a desperation… one they would die for. But for their mates, it’s a trance, a pull, a submissive desire that’s at odds with the shadows of my past and how I’ve learned to survive.

Genre: Romance

Precious Things

Marie Reyes

Out of the blue, one rainy Tuesday in England, Erin gets a call that changes her whole world. A sizeable inheritance has been left to her by a man she met a year ago whilst waiting for a delayed flight in Bangkok Airport. Despite never having spoken since their chance meeting, he has left everything to her after his untimely death.

Genre: Thriller

Love, Lies and Fireflies

D.E. Malone

The last time Farra Hall stepped foot in Blueberry Point Lodge, a guy with a quirky necktie and all the right dance moves stopped her in her tracks. They shared a kiss right out of a fairy tale before they said goodbye. He promised he’d call, but that call never came. Now she’s back in town to help her friend.

Genre: Romance

Beauty in Chaos

Nacole Stayton

Aurora Bradshaw survived by her intuition. Bouncing from one foster home to another throughout her adolescence left her with deep-rooted trust issues. Enduring rough living conditions became second nature. With her shield of sarcasm and a tenacity of amour, Rory’s gut had never failed her. That was until she landed.

Genre: Young Adult

Dancing With Danger

Kerrigan Byrne

Mercy Goode is only truly good at one thing: finding mischief wherever she goes. Such as getting arrested at a murder scene with Raphael Sauvageau, a brutally handsome, ruthless smuggler with a dangerous past and a dubious future. The silver-tongued devil doesn’t deserve a lick of her confidence.

Genre: Romance


Jessica Gadziala

I was no stranger to the life of crime, But chopping cars and running guns were leagues apart. Especially when there were other bad guys in the area that didn’t take too kindly to our arrival on the scene. So my hands were already full when she showed up, the spunky blue-haired neighbor who just wanted a little peace and quiet.

Genre: Romance


Skye MacKinnon

Thorrn only travelled to Earth to find women compatible with his species, even though he expects to stay alone for the rest of his cursed life. Broken inside and out, he’s sure no female could ever want him. But that all changes when he sets his eyes on a sassy Earth woman with fiery red hair and a temper to match.

Genre: Science Fiction

Kathmandu Killers

Luke Richardson

Beneath the tranquil façade of Kathmandu lurks a dark and twisted underworld, and when Leo sets foot in this city, he unwittingly becomes a pawn in a deadly game. Jobless, stricken with anxiety, and still hung up on a girl he hasn’t seen in two years, it’s fair to say Leo’s desperate for a break.

Genre: Mystery

Sharing Shelby

Pepper North

Shelby Daniels loves pretty clothes, stuffed animals, and the naughty books on her reader. When Jeremy claims her as his Little girl, she’s ecstatic. But, when she’s equally drawn to her Daddy’s best friend, Shelby is forced to admit she needs two Daddies. Successful businessmen Jeremy and Beau have been allies since childhood.

Genre: Romance

The Vampire wants a Wife

Andie M Long

Shelley Linley is sick of weirdos. Yet another prankster has applied to her dating agency. This one says he’s a vampire and he wants Shelley to help him find a wife. Meeting him for a second interview against all her better judgement, Shelley discovers that he has no clue about women.

Genre: Romance

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