Trenzle Top 10 Trending Free Book Deals for April 04, 2024

Forbidden Hearts

Corinne Michaels

First rule of being a nanny? Don’t fall for the single dad, even if he is smoking hot. But that’s exactly what happens when grumpy small-town sheriff Asher Whitlock reluctantly hires me to take care of his daughter for the summer. Neither of us is thrilled with the arrangement, but he’s desperate for help, and I need the money for grad school this fall.

Genre: Romance

Just One Dare

Carly Phillips

Aurora Michaels isn’t the same girl she was that spring night. No longer homeless and living in the back room of a diner where she worked, she’s now a member of the wealthy Kingston family. She has her daughter, a career and has adjusted to her new normal. Billionaire Nick Dare is a man who takes charge. He runs the hotel arm of the family empire.

Genre: Romance


Jade West

He was the man who destroyed me. The monster who left me in pieces over a decade ago. I swore I’d never speak to him again, that I’d never set eyes on him again as long as I lived. But I was wrong. When life gets too much and you need a release, the poison that might kill you becomes oh so tempting.I craved his body, his smirk.

Genre: Romance

A Case for the Candle Maker

Candace Havens

Ainsley McGregor has her hands full preparing for Sweet River’s Valentine’s Day celebration and her bestie’s wedding. So when a mysterious woman pitches selling her candles in Ainsley’s shop, Bless Your Art, Ainsley nearly blows her off. But the candle’s fragrance is evocative.

Genre: Mystery

Shadows Landing: Books 1 & 2

Kathleen Brooks

This two-book collection begins the Shadows Landing series by Kathleen Brooks. Romance, danger, and a bit of comedy fill each book set in the small town of Shadows Landing. Gavin Faulkner was the only doctor in the small South Carolina inner coastal town of Shadows Landing.

Genre: Romance

The Forgotten Horse

Elaine Heney

When a mysterious grey pony called ‘Ozzie’ appears in the paddock by her home, 12-year-old Clodagh’s life is about to change dramatically. Charged with caring for him by the local manor’s owner, she quickly befriends him. But what will happen when his absent owner unexpectedly reappears.

Genre: Sports

Lord of Fortune

Darcy Burke

Dashing adventurer Penn Bowen is dedicated to preserving Britain’s history and his carefree, bachelor lifestyle. He’s happiest when he’s in pursuit of knowledge and the occasional liaison with the right woman. So he’s more than a little perturbed when the wrong woman inserts herself into his latest quest—proving that a valuable artifact.

Genre: Romance

The Lilac Plague

Kristin J. Dawson

An oath betrayed. A centuries-long curse. A kingdom teetering on the edge of destruction. In a world of magic, Nicoleta is unremarkable, except for her cursed, stuttering tongue. No special powers, no renowned apprenticeship, just the terrible, stammering aftereffects of the Lilac Plague. Until she opens a gift from her mother — a ghostly blue vision.

Genre: Fantasy

Some Things Never Change

Cee Yang

Julie Lo’s new interior design job leads her to relocate to a new city. But, it’s the familiar presence of her childhood friend—Andy K. Hughes—that steals the spotlight. They are roommates, after all. They grew up with their lives deeply interwoven, thanks to their moms’ unbreakable friendship.

Genre: Romance

Paragon of Blood

Luke Chmilenko

A chance to prove himself. A chance to take control of his life. A chance to be more than a lowly D-Tier, the lowest of the low, in a world broken by the arrival of an alien, enigmatic being known as The System. And the seemingly endless hordes of Gateborn that accompanied it. But chances are hard to come by in the fallen remains of humanity.

Genre: Fantasy

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