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You Can Get Over It

Rick Renner

There’s no doubt that at some point in your life, someone has wronged you. You may even be in a painful situation right now. But you don’t have to let anyone’s actions against you pollute your attitude toward God and prevent His good plan for your future. What matters now is that you stop unforgiveness.

Genre: Religion

Come True

Brindi Quinn

Recent college graduate Dolly Jones has spent the last year stubbornly trying to atone for a mistake that cost her everything. She doesn’t go out, she doesn’t make new friends and she sure as hell doesn’t treat herself to things she hasn’t earned, but when her most recent thrift store purchase proves home to a hot, magical genie determined.

Genre: Romance

Dare Me

Samantha Chase

One year ago, Arianna Donovan and Will Jameson met on a dare and spent a perfect 24 together before going their separate ways. She thought they would stay in touch, but he disappeared without a word. Arianna thought she’d moved on. But when Will shows up at a family dinner with her older—and very protective—brother, she’s angry.

Genre: Romance

Desiring His Dating Coach

Kristin Canary

Rule Number 1 of being a dating coach? Don’t fall for your client. It’s as simple as that—or is it? I like rules. Rules make me happy. Rules keep me in control. Most importantly, rules keep my heart safe. But then, the rules change. Because when I suddenly get fired by my Wicked Ex-Boss, I find myself opening shop.

Genre: Romance

The Crane Diaries: Dirty Blood

Apryl Baker

Deep in the swamps of the Louisiana bayou, a horrifying secret lies waiting to be discovered. A legend haunts the bayou, a chilling tale of a beast that is born from a curse…the Rougarou. When Emma Rose Crane lets hunter Cass Willow convince her to help him on a ghost hunt.

Genre: Horror

Wolf God

Veronica Douglas

The Dark Wolf God was a monster of legend—a shifter so powerful that he could lay waste to the world and make alphas bow before him. I didn’t believe he was real. Then four weeks ago, he attacked my pack and nearly ended my life. Now he’s claimed me. When a war with the fae threatens his realm, he tears me from my world.

Genre: Romance

The Deep End

Julie Mulhern

Swimming into the lifeless body of her husband’s mistress tends to ruin a woman’s day, but becoming a murder suspect can ruin her whole life. It’s 1974 and Ellison Russell’s life revolves around her daughter and her art. She’s long since stopped caring about her cheating husband, Henry, and the women with whom he entertains himself.

Genre: Mystery


Renee Dahlia

Crashing into a billionaire’s garden wall isn’t the start to Neve’s dream car restoration business she aimed for. The cost of the damage will wreck her chances of a new start, throwing her back to work she’d left behind, and a painful childhood saved only by an incredible foster mum. Then Jessica Beaumont recognises Neve from.

Genre: Romance

The Farmer’s Wife

Lori Handeland

Youngest sibling and only sister, Kim Luchetti comes home to Illinois following her father’s heart attack. Eight years ago she vowed never to return, believing only distance would allow her to forget the tragedy that broke her heart. But returning means she must face Brian Riley, her first love and the only one who knows her secret.

Genre: Romance

Numbers Game

Rebecca Rode

In NORA, every day is a competition. On Rating Day, Treena and the rest of her class will receive the number that brands her for life. Shouldn’t be a problem since she’s a top contender with nearly perfect scores. But when her number is announced, it shocks everyone. Then she discovers that somebody wants her dead.

Genre: Romance

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