Trenzle Top 10 Trending Free Book Deals for November 18, 2023

The Virgin Rule Book

Lauren Blakely

Let me make a few things clear. I didn’t go to the wedding intending to dance with the best man, to dare him to show me a very sexy pic on his phone, or to accidentally kiss him in the hotel elevator after the reception ended. But things just happen at weddings…

Genre: Romance

City of Whispers

Katt Powers

Dhani Karim was once the Empire’s most feared assassin. Treacherously framed for a murder she didn’t commit, she loses everything and is exiled to a remote desert city. There, she’s forced to work with a dangerous spy hiding a deadly secret. When she discovers a ruthless cult has plans to seize the city, she must race against time to stop.

Genre: Fantasy

His Holiday Pact

Ayla Asher

Kayla Summers has had enough of her mother’s insistence that she find a man and get married. At thirty-three, she’s a successful attorney and has a fantastic life. Knowing her mother will grill her constantly over the upcoming holidays about her single existence, she dreads the visits home. Carter Manheim is a self-proclaimed bachelor.

Genre: Romance

The Client

Stella Gray

When I won the modeling contest, I lost my freedom. KZ Modeling owns my body. But they’re willing to rent it out. The first time I learn my fate and I’m auctioned off changes everything. Because it’s also my first time. And the gorgeous, haunted billionaire who now wants exclusive rights to me for the next six months?

Genre: Romance

Always Kiss Your Secret Wedding Date

Taylor Hart

All Isabel Snow wanted, was to go to her best friend’s wedding, make it an amazing day for her friend, and get back to her life—hopefully without seeing her best friend’s brother…aka…the guy who broke her heart. Oliver Browne doesn’t want to be back.

Genre: Romance

Loser’s Gumbo

Manning Wolfe

When Mack Mouton finds a dead body in a drum case, Louisiana police suspect him of the murder. As Mack travels the South, and performs with his band, he becomes the target of the real killer. Mack is sucked into danger and intrigue, and discovers a mystery about his deceased father. Will Mack be the next body in the drum case?

Genre: Mystery

The Christmas Cookie Shop

Ginny Baird

Hannah Winchester is down on her luck and disillusioned with love, but her fortunes are about to change. When Hannah inherits a defunct bakery in East Tennessee, her first thought is to sell it and settle her substantial debt. Then the townsfolk welcome her warmly.

Genre: Romance

Dead Letters

Sheila Lowe

Upon learning that her niece, Monica, has disappeared from an archaeological dig, Claudia Rose takes the next flight to Egypt. Arriving in Luxor and the mystical Valley of the Queens, she learns that Monica never returned from a weekend getaway with Colin Vine, an archaeologist whose shady past is entangled in the illicit antiquities trade.

Genre: Mystery

Sealed with Courage

Laura Scott

Sign language teacher Aubrey Clark feels responsible when ten-year-old Lucas goes missing. She’s determined to find her deaf student and knows more than she should from reading the lips of the man involved in the boy’s disappearance. Now she’s in the killer’s crosshairs too. Aubrey has little choice but to accept Navy.

Genre: Romance


Susie McIver

Hunter Armstrong sacrificed two years of his life for his mother. He knew her drinking contributed to the multiple injury accident she caused, and he couldn’t bear the thought of her going to prison. Even though, he and his friend had just started their rescue business, he told police he was to blame. He knew the time wouldn’t be easy.

Genre: Romance

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