Trenzle Top 10 Trending Free Book Deals for September 14, 2023

Red Sin

Aleatha Romig

Julia and Van found one another in a shaken snow globe. Stranded in a blizzard, they embraced being two individuals with no last names. The plan was to walk away from each other with no regrets—until that plan changed. Julia’s life was delivered a staggering blow the day she discovered her fiancé’s infidelity.

Genre: Romance

The Right Wrong

Michelle Mankin

Ben Kennedy is a rock star. Whoever or whatever he wants, he can easily have with just a snap of his talented fingers. He’s rock royalty, a handsome prince with a court of beauties to command. To the outside world, the legendary life he leads seems charmed, but it’s not. Looks can be deceiving. Sierra Marshall is a single mom.

Genre: Romance

All of You, Always

Lindsay Harrel

Going undercover is Bella’s only hope. Her mission? Convince Ben to sell his inn, and she’ll get the information needed to locate the family she’s never known. It should be simple. After all, he’s behind on his mortgage, and a recent earthquake has rocked the town—and his finances. His beachfront property is ripe for the picking.

Genre: Romance

Brains and Brawn

R.L. Merrill

Expertly plotted and paced, this romance builds a central relationship that is sweet, sexy, and satisfying. The love story grows through various plot points and conflicts, taking the main characters -as well as a vibrant supporting cast – on an emotionally resonant and heartwarming journey. It’s exactly what a good romance.

Genre: Romance

Clear Blue Sky

Jen Talty

Retired Delta Force Soldier Nelson Snow has done his best to put the horrors of his last mission behind him and start a new life in upstate New York with his two brothers. He’s even begun dating, although he’s not exactly sure where he stands with his on-and-off girlfriend, who lives four hours away, he’d like to find out.

Genre: Romance

You Get What You Give

Karen Grey

It’s just a regular old night in my coastal hometown—the place outsiders call the Hollywood of the East—when an impulsive rendezvous with a handsome stranger not only rocks my world, it turns it upside down. Because the next day, just as I’m contemplating the possibility of a rerun.

Genre: Romance


Melissa Stevens

Gizmo Martinez had long since dedicated his life to the Demented Souls and what the club meant. This was no life for a wife or family, and he knew it. But when her sweet charm pulls at something deep inside, can he walk away? Jill wants something more than her work and video games. What she needs is something or someone to add.

Genre: Romance

The Keeper of Flames

Joss Walker

All Jayne Thorne wants to do is work with her sister to track down their missing father. But instead, she is tasked with another assignment from the CIA: go to Rome and acquire a necromantic grimoire linked to a lost fire goddess. As Jayne struggles to work with her new partner, a smug.

Genre: Fantasy

A Shift in Shadows

Maddox Grey

As a centuries old feline shifter with a dark secret, Nemain knows how to survive. She’s spent her life in the shadows, avoiding scrutiny from the powerful fae and daemons, all while playing a dangerous game of cat and mouse with the warlock Sebastian. After a grave miscalculation that resulted in.

Genre: Romance

The Fling in Panama

Liz Alden

I arrived in Panama with a limited budget for maximum exploration. I’ve only got a few months between my parents’ home in Sydney and the corporate world, so I better make the best of it. What I didn’t plan on was meeting Eivind. He’s got broad shoulders, top-tier flirting, and a sexy accent that pulls.

Genre: Romance

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