Trenzle Top 8 Trending Free and Bargain Book Deals for August 19, 2023

Lost King

Crystal Daniels & Sandy Alvarez

Quinn Beckett, the Sergeant At Arms for Kings of Retribution MC, understands that life is what you make of it. He has dedicated himself to his Club, family, community, and the fellow members he considers his brothers. Quinn is content with his life and couldn’t ask for more. Until he met a bright and attractive doctor who changed.

Genre: Romance

Driving Force

Kate Angelo & Lynette Eason

Elite Guardians bodyguard/former sniper CHRISTINA SHERMAN has protected uncooperative clients before—but this time, well her client is bossy, headstrong and occasionally eats off the floor. Yes, he’s a highly trained military working dog, but certainly her skills could be put to better use, right?

Genre: Suspense

Tempting Bethany

Stacy Reid

Miss Bethany Galloway has had enough of the perilous and savage beauty of the West, and she is determined to travel to Boston, leaving the regret and pains of the past behind. Except, to her distress, Joshua Kincaid has other ideas, namely courting and then marrying her. Although she is passionately drawn to Joshua’s dangerous charm.

Genre: Romance

The Parallel

Kyra R. Croninger

Recently out of foster care and diagnosed as a Dissociative Identity Disorder system, Yancey Love and his fellow alters are simply trying to navigate life day by day. However, Yancey can’t help yearning for a chance to be a part of something bigger than his own routines. When a simple errand turns into a psychic-powered back alley brawl.

Genre: Young Adult


Evangeline Anderson

Olivia Waterhouse has just graduated from nursing school and has her whole life ahead of her—until she gets drafted. Problem is, she isn’t being forced into the Army, she’s been chosen as a Kindred bride and she has no say in the matter. Baird is a huge, muscular Beast Kindred with golden eyes who recently escaped imprisonment.

Genre: Romance

Blue Monk, Blind Alley

Shawn Metivier

FATHER FRANK CESARIO is a priest; and he’s in prison. Church. Basketball courts. Theo’s pub. This is where you would normally find Frankie. That is, until he met the beautiful singer, ROSE. The priest. The jazz singer. The doctor. The courageous girl. The thief … Half a world apart. He knew their dreams.

Genre: Literature


DD Prince

Beautiful Biker, Book 2 – The Ride Continues. A wild, dangerous, angsty, sexy AF ride. In book 1, Detour, we heard that Beautiful Biker Rider Valentine had cuffed the very angry Jenna to his bed in order to keep her from putting herself in the Wyld Jackals MC line of fire. How did all that go? Read Joyride and find out!

Genre: Romance

The Hanover Square Affair

Ashley Gardner

Cavalry captain Gabriel Lacey returns to Regency London from the Napoleonic wars, burned out, fighting melancholia, his career ended. His interest is perked when he learns of a missing girl, possibly kidnapped by a prominent member of Parliament. Lacey’s search for the girl leads to the discovery.

Genre: Mystery

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