Trenzle Top 8 Trending Free and Bargain Book Deals for August 23, 2023

Steal Me

M. Sinclair

Sloane has been on the run from her emotionally abusive ex-fiancée for months. Now she finds herself attending college in California, in hopes that her FBI agent ex won’t be able to locate her. She’s done her best to stay away from everyone, trying not to get attached in case she has to disappear again. Because Sloane would die.

Genre: Romance

And So It Begins

Rachel Abbott

When I met Mark, I knew I had to make him mine. Thoughtful and sensitive, Mark lived in the most breathtaking house I’d ever seen – all glass and perched on the clifftop, with mesmerising views across the waves below. It was where his first wife had died tragically, but it would be our promising new start. When our daughter Lulu was born.

Genre: Thriller

His Secret Daughter

Melissa Wiesner

Our family of three is perfect. Just me, Noah and our teenage daughter Maya. The day the police knock at our door, telling us about the car accident, is the worst day of my life. My heart shatters, but what they say next almost makes it stop beating: Noah was in the car with another woman who died at the scene.

Genre: Literature

Truth About Men & Dogs

Andrea Simonne

This wasn’t supposed to happen. Especially to a guy like me. After complaining that I work too much, my mom and sister have stolen my phone and tricked me into a vacation. They insist I’m going to enjoy this charming small town. My cousin Doug lives here—as if that doesn’t tell me everything I need to know.

Genre: Romance

Come With Me

Brooke Montgomery

I didn’t know I was pregnant. Ayden walked away from me a decade ago and never looked back. The only thing he left me was our sweet, amazing daughter. And a mile-long list of small town secrets. When his father—the town’s mayor—threatens me, Ayden’s childhood best friend steps in. And I have no choice but to fight the battles.

Genre: Romance


Piper Lawson

When former ballet dancer and current good girl Olivia learns her ‘perfect’ boyfriend has been cheating, she takes the stage at a racy club. Dancing away her frustrations is thrilling, and dangerous. Her wild fantasy threatens to land her in more trouble. Until mysterious, gorgeous Sawyer rescues her in the parking lot.

Genre: Romance

Hot Enough To Burn

Cynthia Eden

Do you believe in monsters? You should, they walk among humans every single day. Reporter Eve Bradley has known the truth about paranormals for a while, and her latest story has taken her inside the mysterious Genesis facility. It’s at Genesis that Eve first meets Subject Thirteen, Cain O’Connor.

Genre: Romance

Little Doves

Sara Ennis

Twenty years ago, Stasia King’s 14-year-old sister was abducted, raped and viciously murdered. Now, on the anniversary of her disappearance, another young girl has gone missing, from the same exclusive country club. The cases can’t possibly be connected since the murderer has been dead nearly twenty years – or can they?

Genre: Thriller

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