Trenzle Top 8 Trending Free Book Deals for January 08, 2024

Once Upon a Witch

Valia Lind

Cassandra Duke had her whole life figured out. She was going to stay away from magic, become a successful interior designer in a big city, and maybe finally learn how to waltz. But then, her magic acts up—without her permission—leaving her without a job and a plan. Coming home was never in the stars.

Genre: Mystery

The Cup and the Prince

Day Leitao

When a girl set on revenge meets an arrogant prince, sparks fly and tempers rise. Yes, Zora cheated her way into the Royal Games, but it was for a very good reason: Spite. Her ex was an asshole and thought she could never attain glory on her own. Just because she’s a girl. So she took his place.

Genre: Fantasy

Tuesdays Like That

Carina Taylor

My grandma’s dying wish is to see me married. That’s kind of hard when my idea of commitment is finishing a TV series. So I organize a fake wedding to Jordan Boone. I’ll be the wish grantor and keep my freedom. Do I know my fake husband? Barely. We played together as children.

Genre: Romance

Hate Me: Alex & Delaney

Claire Raye

The last place Delaney Hayes thought she would find herself is Badger Creek. It’s the place she left with dreams of college scholarships and a future as a professional skier. But less than a year later, she’s back with her tail between her legs, embarrassed and bitter, working as a ski instructor.

Genre: Romance

Love Bites

Cynthia St. Aubin

A girl’s gotta eat—and so do her three cats. Recently divorced art history grad student Hanna Harvey has just fibbed her way into a job as the assistant to dangerously drool-worthy art gallery owner Mark Abernathy. For Hanna, working in the field she desperately loves provides the perfect opportunity to begin putting her life back together.

Genre: Romance

Take Two

Libby Waterford

Jay Orlando used to be a lot of things—notorious heartthrob, second lead on cult favorite teen drama Sawyer’s Cove, and in hopeless first love with his costar Camille Corsair. Now he’s a humble bar owner reluctantly trading on his onetime fame while she’s a certified star. When Cami walks into his bar, the last thing he expects her to say are the words.

Genre: Romance

Before Beltane

Nancy Jardine

AD 71 Northern Britannia: At the Islet of the Priestesses, acolyte Nara greets each new day eager to heal the people at Tarras Hillfort. Weapon training is a guilty pleasure, but she is devastated when she is unexpectedly denied the final rites of an initiated priestess. A shocking new future beckons for Princess Nara of the Selgovae…

Genre: Historical Fiction

Moonshine Mesa

A W Baldwin

Criminal clients, a pollution mitigation scam, and a million-dollar double-cross make Moonshine Mesa a dangerous place for an aspiring lawyer, an intrepid deputy, and a moonshining hermit. Something is killing bees, crows, and humans at Moonshine Mesa. When Parker finds suspicious readings at a remote pump station.

Genre: Suspense

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