Trenzle Top 8 Trending Free Book Deals for November 16, 2023

That Time I Kissed The Groomsman Grump

Julie Christianson

Yeah, I shouldn’t have kissed Natalie Slater. Not on the porch. Or at the beach. Or in the storage closet. Especially not the storage closet. But to be fair, she kissed me first. Six months later, I’m still thinking about it. Trouble is, I’ve made promises.

Genre: Romance

The Last Lumenian

S.G. Blaise

A rebellious princess chasing destiny. Menacing villains. The Last Lumenian is a captivating sci-fi fantasy with a touch of charming alien romance. A coming-of-age tale of the chosen one, Lilla, as she battles outdated traditions and shapes her own destiny. Breaking away from the damsel in distress.

Genre: Science Fiction

My Fake Bad Boyfriend

Sara Whitney

I don’t just need a fake boyfriend. I need the worst fake boyfriend in the world. Someone who’ll get my family off my back about my perpetually single state. Someone so awful they’ll beg me to never bring another man home again. Gabe promised he was up to the task, but by the time we’ve said hello.

Genre: Romance


Tamara Kendall

Let’s get this out of the way up front: I can hear minds. And yes, that’s about as much fun as it sounds. As long as I can remember, I’ve been the loner, the crazy girl who answers words that no one has spoken out loud. It doesn’t help that I’m the perennial new kid in town, too; my family moves around so much that I’m constantly.

Genre: Romance

An Augathella Baby

Annie Seaton

Sophie Mason learned to fend for herself in an abusive relationship; she recovered and married her one-time love, but her self-confidence is not what it seems. Her husband, Kent, wants to start a family but doesn’t tell Sophie the real reason he is keen to try for their first child.

Genre: Romance

Highland Healer

Willa Blair

Toran Lathan never expected to become Laird, and he never expected to meet a woman like Aileanna Shaw. Her healing ability is just what his people need, but Toran cannot resist her beauty. Yet will loving him destroy her ability to heal? Aileanna Shaw has a healing touch – and a special talent she must keep secret.

Genre: Romance

Forbidden Obsession

M. James

He’s the only man I want. And the only man I can never have. A year ago, Maximilian Agosti was there for me through some of my darkest hours. From the violence I endured on the Manhattan docks, to the mountains where I was kept prisoner to the depths of a Russian safe house.

Genre: Romance

Must Love Christmas

Kelly Hunter

Heiress Madeline Love has one last chance to impress her father and organize the perfect Christmas—their last one as a family before her father weds a younger woman and forgets about his only daughter. Madeline wants to create some much-needed family memories in their historic Montana ranch.

Genre: Romance

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