Trenzle is your official source of discovering the latest people, work, and ideas that deserve to trend.

Trenzle is an online magazine, blog, and news site bringing you the latest updates, releases, and announcements related to Authors, Books, Creators, Art work, People, Ideas, Opinions, and Stories from around the globe.

Trenzle is headquartered in New Delhi, India, and was founded by the creators of HypeBunch in 2022.

Discover Authors and their books, Creators and their work, People and their opinions, and Stories from around the globe.

Trenzle is dedicated to making the worlds of creation and publication more enjoyable and accessible to everyone. We believe in giving people across the world with trustworthy, high-quality, brand-safe news and entertainment; making online content more inclusive, empathic, and creative; and motivating our audience to live better lives.

With deep insights, interviews, opinions, and news, our readers get access to unlimited knowledge pertaining to millions of authors, creators, and talents who are out there.

Where Trends are made and discovered

We are not looking for the most popular, but instead we strive to bring the attention to someone or something that deserves to trend globally. We’re looking for the hidden gems amidst the noise.

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